[One Day, One Place #1] :: Casco Viejo, Panama

Casa Del Soldado – Centro Cultural de España

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Casco Viejo, Panama

I have an obsession of sorts with Panama. I think every one, up to a point, is crazy with some part of their city or country of origin. Being the proud Panamanian I am, Casco Viejo has to be my favorite spot in the city.

Galeria de Arte – Casa del Soldado

Casco Viejo is a small historic district in Panama City, and a cultural gem of sorts. Today, most of Panama City’s cultural events, nightlife, and government  buildings coexist in these streets. Homes, museums, and hotels are being restored in every single block – the neighborhood is currently undergoing a revival of sorts, after years of neglect.

Balcones del Casco Viejo

For this first installment of One Day, One Place, I want to share with you my favorite spots in Casco Viejo. So, what to do on your first day in Panama? Always start with one day in Casco Viejo, our historic district. Here’s a list of 9 must-see and must-do things:

  1. Stay in the American Trade Hotel, an amazing boutique hotel with a rich history and connection with the Casco neighborhood.
  2. Have Panamanian coffee in the ATH’s Unido.
  3. Experience the Fortaleza Tour, and get to know the rich history of Casco and surrounding areas.
  4. Visit the 6 Catholic Churches in the Historic District.
  5. Visit the ‘Casa del Soldado’, a Cultural Center with amazing views of Casco and rotating exhibitions.
  6. Have lunch in Barrio Pizza, and try the freshest, most delicious pizzas in Panama.
  7. Visit Franklin Panamá and LUPA, two amazing stores: Franklin sells hand-crafted handkerchiefs and accessories inspired by the traditional Guna Molas; LUPA is a design and art platform, stocked with amazing local and international stuff.
  8. Have dinner in ‘Donde José‘, an amazing culinary experience, delivered by its superb chef, José Carles.
  9. Go out to one of the bars, like the famous Tántalo, well-known for its rooftop parties.

Casco Viejo + Puente de las Américas